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New Podcast: "Christianity Now"

Today my writing takes a backseat to another effort: a new podcast. Called "Christianity Now," its purpose is to discuss faith, life, culture, ministry, and more as as we continue to move towards the heart of the 21st century. Each installment will feature a conversation with guest(s) discussing topics related to their expertise, training, experience, and/or a pertinent theme. My hope is that this joint project of Northwest University's College of Ministry and Center for Calling and Theological Formation ends up being a unique opportunity for learning and spurring conversation.

For my inaugural episode, my guest is Dr. Andrew Kaufmann, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Northwest University. Andrew and I discuss the very relevant topic of faith and politics. Along the way we mention such topics as voting, values versus policy, and Supreme Court nominations.

You can listen below on this page, check out the new Podcast section on the blog, or subscribe at one of the following services:

**Note: There are some audio issues at the beginning of the episode. These clear up significantly after the 13-minute mark or so.**



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